Our GlideFit is designed to be used with our exclusive Cardio Wave program which incorporates high intensity interval training, pilates and yoga.


Bringing the party to the pool, this class will introduce the fundamentals to working out on an unstable surface in the water utilizing our floating platform.

You’ll be introduced to a variety of exercises to build strength from head to toe while you raise heart rate with the added bonus of firing stabilizers that often go unused in a fun new way.  As you orient yourself on the platform you will be working your core to strengthen your body. Adding in mobility training to keep you moving throughout with different focuses ranging from the hips, shoulders, and knees to test your balance with proper technique.


Pre-requisite: CardioWave Level I

II will introduce single leg movement to increase the challenge in finding your balance as well as switching up the direction you orient yourself on the platform.

You’ll play with plyometric movement as you take flight, or get air, to raise your heart rate.   You’ll utilize the platform as a prop to move in and out of the water, getting wet to cool off while heating up at the same time.  Fun agility drills moving around the platform in and out of the water will increase cardio endurance and build strength.  Participant will get wet.


(Prerequisites 3 Level I classes & at least 2 Level II classes)

The pool party just got amped! Bringing props to your pool workout requiring greater strength, stability, and stamina than the Level I/II classes.  Multitasking as you create muscle confusion by tackling balance on the unstable platform, building strength using the bands & accompanying props, along with orienting yourself in all 4 directions on the platform.

Full body workout with maximum engagement, and lots of laughter as we move in and out of the water. Designed to increase strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, balance, and metabolism, the use of various equipment will enhance the work out and increase stability demands of the body. Medicine balls, bands, fins, and a variety of other props will be used to challenge your workout.  Exercises in the Level III are more complex and typically performed at a faster pace than in Levels I/II classes. It is required that you demonstrate great proficiency in Level I/II in order to advance to this class.


Taking your yoga practice to a new level of intention. No longer can you go through the motions of your Sun Salutation while checking out mentally with the comfort of a firm foundation under you.

Practicing on the fit float requires the yogi’s full attention, mind, body, and soul in order to move seamlessly from one posture to the next while maintaining their balance.  This yoga class will start off slow centering and familiarizing you to the Fit Float using alignment techniques to set you up for success.  You’ll flow gradually into more challenging postures, utilizing your breath, with the option to modify if necessary.  Vinyasa style is encouraged to mindfully breath into postures providing a sense calm to your practice on the water.  Just like the ebb and flow of water, the practice will build gradually and then return you to your Savasana.



  • HIIT

  • CORE X


The CardioWave program is the most comprehensive float fitness program on the market.

Our trainers are backed by years of fitness training. Instructors will be given the keys to create an all around full body workout in a safe, fun, and inviting atmosphere. This program is designed to prepare instructors to become familiar and comfortable with teaching and cueing on an unstable surface. The curriculum introduces a variety of exercises at three different levels beginning at the most basic working up to more difficult/complex movements.

By the end of the training, instructors will be prepared to apply their new skills and knowledge to teach others.